Will cow peas bloom a second time?

jcgator21(6; Southern IL)July 1, 2010


I have a 12'x12' raised bed in the back yard, and I managed to squeeze 2 rows of cow peas in this year. I have one 12' row of purple hulls and one 12' row of brown crowders (Texas Cream 40). The purple hulls have pretty much all been pick now, and I am working on the crowders. My question is: will the peas bloom again now that I have picked them, or should I just pull them out and put something else in my limited garden space instead of wasting time waiting for more peas which won't come? Thanks.

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Cowpeas bloom continuously for about 3 months but with a caveat that some varieties tend to produce one or two huge flushes of blooms and then either die back or else are so decrepit they do not produce significant new beans. Your varieties will re-bloom.


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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I would only add that care should be taken when harvesting. Some new buds will develop from the fragile tips of the flower stalks, so try not to break them off.

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jcgator21(6; Southern IL)

Thank you DarJones and Zeedman. I do see some blooms but it's not as many as when they first came up, it seems. Should I add more Nitrogen or anything to encourage them to flower more heavily?

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