should I cut off stems that have lost their flowers

grandma_gardener_02July 19, 2014

We have an area of beautiful Crimson Pixie. In previous years I have always cut off the stems that have lost their flowers. And it seemed that it didn't take too long and the leaves on the stems started to brown and wither right up the stalk. This year I did not touch them and they are not having this problem. I did dig up the bulbs last fall and discarded all the little ones and then repositioned the large ones that were left so there was good space between them. It was a weird winter, but we have had good rains this spring. So much for the history. My basic question is as I posted. Do you need to so to speak "deadhead" the stems after the flowers fall off?

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No, deadheading is not necessary. You are, however, letting some energy go to seed production rather than all of it going to replenish the bulb for next season.

There's a natural decline - yellowing leaves and stems turning woody - to lilies once blooming has finished, some years it's faster than other years.

Not sure why you discarded the small(er) off-set bulbs since they produce new lilies; Asiatics look best in clumps, I think anyway.

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