Privite eye peas go undercover.

rodger(8SC)July 4, 2007

In one of those moods and felt like posting some pics and having some fun. Had another good day in the garden, if there can be such a thing as a bad day gardening, ate some BBQ, worked in the garden, ate some more BBQ, looked at the garden, nibbled on some more BBQ ,took pictures in the garden ,wasn't anymore BBQ, got cleaned up and had the misses get dressed up and took some more picturesin the garden. Did I say I ate some BBQ

Here is the row of 9 field peas under cover

Here is the peas inside the cover a few are starting to bloom

And a few garden pics

A tomato too small to mess with so I had some BBQ to go with it

Some eggplant coming in One of 6 varieties this year

Some basil, 2nd planting of peas and some tomatoes

Some Tenn crowders blooming

Some Sweet potatoes 6 varieties, Louisiana Bull horn Okra tomatoes and in the foreground some brown cotton hence the Boll wevil monitoring station

And some more peas and tomatoes. I have 238 Heirloom Tomato plants representing 150 varieties

I bought me a new tie for the sons wedding. My wife is all mad she wanted to get us some shoes. I just can't understand why she's in a fuss, we don't need shoes till Christmas.

Happy 4th of July.


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Haha, great pics Rodger, but dont wear a white tie when eating BBQ, get a red tie instead!

Best wishes and good luck to the youngsters, may they give you lots of grandkids to help in the garden. Happy 4rth everybody.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

ha ha great pictures rodger...why are the peas under cover?

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jimster(z7a MA)

I'm glad you were in the mood to post pictures, Rodger. I enjoyed them. Especially that last one.

I didn't have any BBQ. Dang! But I did have a few little neck clams and a nice salad from my garden veggies.


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Ruthieg tx The peas are under covers to insure no cross pollination. I have raely seen any effects of cross pollination in peas even when planted side by side But I always keep around 50ft isolation distance between varieties. This year I invested in a large quantity of insect netting, that I have been using and experimenting with, to allow me to grow out more beans and peas and melons without compromizing the seed. I had a backlog of older varieties that hve been given to me and I felt it was my responsibility to grow them out in isolation to keep the variety going. So I bought the netting and have 6 common beans, 6 Limas, 9 field peas, and 6 watermelons all growing undercover to exclude pollinators and to obtain data on caging. Check out my other post on Isolation cages.Another benifit of the netting on the peas is deer control I can successfully keep the deer out of the garden on the other crops and peas until the peas ripen, once they begin to turn its a battle to keep them out. Rodger

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Now that's what I call gardening! ;-) Simply beautiful. Nice pics, Rodger.

And to think, most of my garden is only a foot high or so right now... I continue to marvel at the difference a few lines of latitude can make. Hopefully I'll post a few pics of my own, come August & September.

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utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)

Great pictures and wonderful looking garden!

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