Hey Helen (hld6) !

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)July 23, 2008

Helen, I saw a thread from last year where you mentioned you had ordered Pink Heaven to see how it compared to Elegant Lady.

Well...how do you like it so far? I was thinking about ordering it. Looks like even the Lily Nook doesn't have Elegant Lady now. However, I found it on some sites that only sell to the UK. :-(


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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Deanna,

Pink Heaven is a nice LO and gets only as tall as Elegant Lady (~ 3') so it is a good substitute for it where that height is needed. Also Pink Heaven's stem is an interesting darker color that is a nice contrast to the foliage.

However, Pink Heaven blooms at the same time as most other LO's. For me it came in with the Triumphator and Prince Promise. One of the things I especially like about Elegant Lady is that it blooms early (June 2 for me). I don't plant asiatics because I have hardly any sunny spots for lilies and reserve them for fragrant and species lilies. So, Elegant Lady is my first bloom of the season.

If early bloom isn't an issue for you go ahead and order the Pink Heaven.

If you find a UK supplier that ships to the USA let me know. Some of the lilies in my Elegant Lady bed were a little funny looking this year that I believe is due to a nutritional deficiency (thanks to our VERY wet spring). But in case they got a virus I'd like to order some new bulbs and try scaling one.


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Is the bloom form and color similar to Elegant Lady?


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hld6(z7 MD)

The bloom shape of Pink Heaven is closer to a Longoflorum than the Promise LO's, (i.e., not as flared), but a touch more flared than Elegant Lady.

The pink is a little darker and not as "pearl like" as Elegant Lady but is still a nice soft pink. (Elegant Lady is very pale.)

The pictures I find of Pink Heaven on the web vary greatly. Unlike the Brent and Becky's photo, my lilies did not have much white in them at all (the color was pretty solid). While the UK Hyde photo looks solidly colored like mine, the pink in their photo looks a little more "garish" than mine did.

I think it's a very pretty lily and it's size fills a niche that the other taller LO's do not. So, if you are interested I'd go ahead and get it while it is available. The problem with new Dutch introductions is that if a lily doesn't work out, for reasons that often have more to do with the cut flower market than the garden market, they cease production. Since almost all of the LO's are imported if the dutch growers drop a lily it becomes unavailable.

There are some exceptions but the availability of LO's is greatest in the Spring. You can call Brent and Becky's and see if they will be offering it this coming spring.


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