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flipperandme(z2b Canada)July 31, 2005

They have finally bloomed :0)

What exactly are they? Are they Asiatic or Oriental? Any ideas on the "breed" or Sub type?

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sirmatthew(4 - Iowa)

Beautiful Asiatic!

It kinda looks like one of mine. I'll have to see if I can find the name and pic.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Even in zone 2 it's probably too late to be an asiatic. (Are any other asiatics in bloom where you are?)

Probably not an oriental. Most orientals have petals that are more "ruffled" though there are a few that are not. One oriental, Barbaresco, looks a LOT like your lily except that the stigma is a different color and the infloresence isn't right . (Barbaresco's flowers are arranged in a raceme -"ladder like" up the stem. You have an umbel - flower stalks coming out from one point like an upside down umbrella.)

It has the look of a Longiflorum-Asiatic hybrid. They have a bloom time later than asiatics (June/July here - maybe early August where you are.)

Do your lilies have any scent? Asiatics don't have a scent but LA hybrids have a light scent (relative to orientals and trumpets) due to their Longiflorum heritage.

Your lily may be the LA hybrid "Fangio". It's hard to find pictures that show much of the plant (i.e., leaf shape and inflorescence) - since most show close-ups of the flower. But I found one that does.

Could this be it?


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Nancy zone 6

I was just about to say it has the form of my Fangio

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Lily_grower_zone_5(z5 NY)

Could it be Dani Arafin, an L.A. Hybrid lily? I have both D.A. and Fangio and my Fangio is a deeper red shade and the center is different from your picture. If you bought lilies from a catalog or on-line, sometimes it is helpful to again check their selections in case you can identify it in that way. I have found the names of lilies in previous year catalogs, as sometimes there are left-overs not offered in the subsequent years and they get bundled in with the new ones offered. You might do a search on Dani Arafin to see if you have a color match. Both of these lilies have thick, waxy petals. cup or bowl shaped upright blooms, but the D.A. grows taller than the Fangio. Also Fangio is something of an early bloomer, always makes its' appearance about the time Lollipop Asiatic blooms. To give you an example, in my zone, it was June 22 this year for Fangio and Lollipop and July 4 for Dani Arafin.

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flipperandme(z2b Canada)

It looks more to me like a Fangio than a Dani. Perhaps with our zone and this summers weather conditions mine are just slow bloomers. The one stalk has 7 flowers they are very striking. I have gotten so many compliments on them :0)

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cailinriley(z3 Calgary AB)

I'm in zone 3, and I still have Asiatics blooming (some varieties are just starting to open, in fact!) Your lily, flipperandme, has the right colour to be Fangio. How tall is your plant, and how large is each flower? LA's tend to be taller with larger flowers than most Asiatics.

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