yes, i have grass

jodikayJune 25, 2012

I have a recent post called potential new sites? and a few of you have commented on the grass they see in the pictures and how I need to convert it to hosta's. Well, let me just say 'it ain't going to happen'. This is brand new sod, 600sf, my husband and I just put in the end of May. 20 years ago this was full of mature oak trees, way too many trees. We took a lot of them out but it wasn't enough and we ultimately got oak wilt. So 3 1/2 yrs ago every oak tree in the yard and surrounding woods came out, and then our well ran dry (I can laugh now, sort of). It was a mess, hot, dry, weeds only and tons of oak stumps/roots, and no shade in sight. So here are a few pictures of what we now call our back yard curb appeal. Not the best of pictures due to where I was standing but I think you get a good idea.

These pictures were taken tonite at 7pm. I am standing at the corner of my house looking north. These are 2 native gardens I have planted. The farthest one is 3 yrs old, mostly flowers, some grasses and the closest one I started last fall, mostly grasses, some flowers. Another work in progress.

This is to my right along the shop. Someone mentioned in my other post they saw something white and thought it was landscape fabric. It is house wrap under the mulch paths, leading up to my hosta's only. It has proven to be a good weed barrier, ran goes thru but weeds don't come up. There is usually a chair sitting there, its a perfect stop to relax and watch the hummingbirds.

This is to my left, along the back of the house, dropping off sharply to our walk out basement. I am hoping steps can go here and maybe another hosta site.

I have gotten better about placement and am finally getting less burn, but it is such a bummer to move them, which sets them back a bit. I did take Ken's advice and moved the 5 hostas in the middle I just wasn't happy with. I planted 3 of my new ones and opened up space for probably a couple more.

Live and Learn. Thanks for looking. Thanks to everyone who posts pictures and the advice/comments given.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Oaks + Hosta = Good
Grass = Bad
This is a universal truth.

Here endeth the lesson.


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depends on what kinda grass your talking about Steve lol...

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Jody, I think it's beautiful. A very peaceful place.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful lawn. I have a lawn with garden areas all around the perimeter of the yard with a sunny perennial border in the back and the shady hosta garden up close to the house and patio. IMHO if you have children, grandchildren or pets, you need some where for them to run around and play. And a lawn is also nice for family gatherings and barbeques in the summer. You can still have your lawn and have a beautiful hosta garden too! I think your yard looks very nice!

Do what makes you happy!


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These pics show how nice yor yard is. I'm glad all your work and $ is paying off!

I still hate grass, at least the kind that eats money and time, teehee!

viva la diference, or something like that,


thanks for expanding the discussion thread, it is worth seeing diversity!

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I think your lawn looks great. I have a crappy looking lawn because my dogs eat the grass and dirt and I'm too afraid to use chemicals because of that. But I think a nice looking lawn enhances a garden....I'd love to have a pretty lawn like that. (have to admit I also like my oaks!)

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Is the structure in the second picture also a deck above? or purely built for shade?

I didn't see any stairs, but I thought I'd ask.

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It's your yard, do what you want. Me, I will choose hosta gardens over lawn any day of the week! I also would never cut down my oaks unless it was to put them out of their misery/suffering.

I agree with Steve! :)

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your property is beautiful.
I've left a curved path of grass in the beds I'm trying to put in my city lot, 'used to be a big rectangle of just grass' backyard. My initial plan was to make it a mulch or stone path the first year. Get rid of ALL grass. NOW, I am so glad I left it alone. To my eye, I would really miss that curving path of green.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

that was probably me.. with the.. you still have grass comment. ..

but you confuse the whine of someone who wants more hosta .. and has no more beds left... and the comment to get rid of grass..

with the beauty of a perfect lawn..

you are comparing apples and oranges ..

i really like your shade/lattice structure..

how about a post on that project ...


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