What kind of lilies do I have??

binkalette(Minnesota)August 6, 2009

Hello! My husband and I just bought a new house this year, and this spring some lilies popped up out front! I'm not sure what kind they are.. Can anyone tell me? Here are some pictures:

Also, if I take some of the seeds that have been falling off of the stems and toss them into the tall grass behind our house, do you think there is a chance they will grow? I also took two seeds and planted them in some dirt to see if I get any to grow in there :-P

Thanks for any help!

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Lilium Tigrinum (Tiger lily). Yes, if you take the little bulbils and plant them, you will get new lilies. The success rate with this lily is very high. It will, however, take at least three growing seasons to reach blooming size.

The first year, the sprouts will look like a shiny lanceolate blade of grass - good idea to plant them somewhere where you can identify them easily and not accidentally dig them up or plant over them. The second year they will look like a spindly lily stalk.

I have many stands of them scattered around my gardens - I think they're delightful; one of the few true lilies that is completely no care.

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