storing lily bulbs

Weeone76August 27, 2011

Have had some issues come up with some water and sewage lines in my yard. I have to move some of my lily bulbs in the next couple days. Most are orientals and asiatics.They are all done blooming and have been for awhile, but they are still somewhat green but starting to turn yellow. When I dig them, should I keep the stalks on them? What is the best way to store them for atleast a month to six weeks?

Can I keep them in a box full of peat moss in my basement?

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This shouldn't be too much of a problem--outside of the inconvenience. Here's how I would do it: The asiatics are about matured now anyway. Cut their stems about 6 inches above ground and DO NOT REMOVE the remaining stauble in any way. Then dig, keeping whatever dirt thats clinging on right with the bulb and stauble. Then just put them in a suitable container and throw some of the same garden dirt over them. Store in a cool spot and keep 'just a little bit moist'--just enough to keep them from drying. And, with the nights becoming longer and cooler, I'd store outside--forget the peat moss, the basement and all that. The orientals aren't matured out yet but not a big deal either. Just dig-- keeping as much dirt in a ball around each plant and if possible put each in separate fairly large containers. Keep all of the stem and leaves. Cover with dirt and set in a cool shady spot to finish maturing. Water sparingly. All containers should provide good drainage. One other note: when digging lilies, start spade/fork a good 8 inches from stem--lilies don't all grow straight up. Good Luck!

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