for DIY Grow a mogul socket just a mogul?

joeschmoe80(6 (Ohio))November 26, 2013

I recently posted about a cheap DIY setup. Now I am looking at more power...question.are all Mogul sockets the same as far as what can be used in them? If I buy a reflector that only has a cord and E39 Ceramic mogul socket, no ballast, I can make that into anything I want, HPS, MH, CFL, right? To make sure I have a complete understanding, the socket itself, as long as it fits, doesn't matter as to CFL, HPS, MH, is that right? In other words, for CFL, I can just use a CFL with a build in ballast (don't they all have that?) that fits a Mogul socket, and plug it straight into a 110 outlet? Or do I need 220? Is there anything "special" I'd have to do?

I assume if I did want MH or HPS, then I'd be wiring that into a suitable ballast, right? I'm not asking about "best type of light", I just want to make sure if I tried this, I wouldn't burn my house down!

This is the reflector I'm referring to (or others like it):

Here is a link that might be useful: Reflector

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joeschmoe80(6 (Ohio))

OK - did some research - the reflector comes with a standard "S-plug" - which I guess plugs into an HPS or MH ballast.

I assume if I were using it for CFL, I'd just slice that off and put a regular three-prong plug on it?

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