can anyone tell me what is going on with this lily with no stem

bomar6August 8, 2013

I planted 4 lily bulbs and one has started to grow with only leaves no stem has anyone had this happen or know whats going on? thanks for any help!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Did one of the bulbs look different from the others? That certainly doesn't look like any lily I'm familiar with.

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all the bulbs looked the same, another forum has suggested it is a agapanthus but i dug into the soil and it is definitely a lily bulb

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The Amarylliaceae (amaryllis, crinums, naked ladies, rain lilies and several dozen other bulb species) grow in this format - multiple leaves from a single growth point. And they do grow from a bulb. But they are not considered true lilies. (True lilies have bulbs with overlapping scales, other 'lilies' have bulbs like onions, with layers of tissue).

I'd suspect your "lily" is one of these - literally hundreds of different plants have lily in their common name but are not truly lilies at all. Very confusing, I agree :-))

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this bulbs has overlapping scales just like any other lily bulb i have seen I'll post some pics later today

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These are the basal leaves that any lily bulb not big enough to produce a stem grows. Their shape & size varies with the type of lily and size of the bulb producing them.

It may be that the original shoot was damaged, since these look younger than the stems to either side.

I'd suggest potting these all up into a bigger pot right away. Lilies like a cool root run and soil which is free-draining without drying right out, and these look a little distressed.

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