Resurrection (Surprise) lily question

lucia59August 20, 2006

My Mom always had Resurrection lilies (also known as Surprise lilies)

anyway...we were redoing one of her beds and dug up at least 4 of those shopping bags full of them, but only a few had bloomed this year.

My question is....does anyone have any idea why all these lilies would not have bloomed? Were they just needing to be divided? The bulbs look great. All of them are firm nice looking bulbs, so they should have bloomed.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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You don't say when you planted them. If you dug then this spring and replanted they may not bloom the first year. Even planting then last fall they may need a year to get settled in. I've planted lilies in the fall that I mail ordered or bought at store and had to wait until 2nd spring.

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We just dug them all up Saturday. They had been in the ground for as long as I can remember. They are not new bulbs or newly transplanted bulbs.

I think they were just too crowded and maybe planted too deep. I planted some at my house yesterday and made sure not too crowd them or put them in too deep. I will see what happens next year I guess

Thanks for the reply

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Hello Lucia;
What I know is that when bulbs get crowded, they do not all bloom. I think there are not enough nutrients in the soil to feed all of them. You should do well next year if you split them up, did you also put some fertilizer in when you transplanted? Next year should be a blast. Enjoy. diene

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Thanks for the replies.
I think they should do much better now that they are divided. It was amazing how many bulbs were in there. And a lot of them were "double" bulbs that I separated.
I can't wait till next year to see the results.

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They may or may not bloom for you in 2007.
Lycoris squamigera is not especially fond of being moved, especially after the bloom when they just spent stored energy to blooms and now have to grow new roots.
In any event, don't be discouraged if next August you'll not see as many blooms as you wish to. Bulbs are there, settled, growing and working on a 'surprise' for the next year.

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I moved some also that were over crowded this month. I made sure to give them bonemeal to help build up the roots for next year. Maybe you would like to put some bonemeal or bulb food over the area where they are planted & water it in. It sure won't hurt them!

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