Roadside lilies Lilium formasanum?

ging(7a)August 17, 2013

I'm seeing conflicting photos and information on this lily, so I'm hoping you can help. Found these on the roadside in Georgia. They have no basal foliage - just the minimal leaves on the stem. Only one to two flowers per stem (that might be due to the site, food, water) and they were approximately 3' tall. Really enjoyed the site - mixed in with Manfreda that was setting seed.
Appreciate any help and thank you!
Will follow this post with another that has a close-up of a single flower.

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It does look like L. formosanum to me (though I'm no expert). Unlike most lilies, this one has a reputation for springing up in places not intended by the gardener . . .

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Yep, this one is a weed in some countries (like Australia), so I bet that's a garden escape.

You know that it blooms the first year from seed...amazingly.

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