Tenderstar pole beans

CaraRoseAugust 2, 2013

Anyone here grow tenderstar pole beans? So far this season they've grown great, flowered like crazy... and produced all of 2 beans.

Is this typical of this variety? Or am I just a bit unlucky this year?

Blue lake pole beans, on the other hand, have been producing well. Perhaps a bit slow to get started, but starting to come in steadily.

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Tenderstar is a runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus) Pole beans are Phaselous vulgaris. Runner beans like a cool moist climate (like England). As a class they have difficulty setting in warm weather. In my youth Scarlet Runners were grown strickly for the flowers.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Thanks Farmerdill for explaining the main difference between RUNNER beans and POLE beana.

I always thought "It is crazy!" they both can climb on a POLE and they both can RUN (if you let them to .lol).

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Often in GW posts Phaselous vulgaris are called "common beans" and they can be bush, bush with short runners, or pole beans. There is also a half runner habit.

Phaseolus coccineus beans are generally called runner beans even if they have bush habit. Runner beans do not like hot weather, they may need bees to pollinate them and they readily cross with each other. Those of us who maintain seed lines often grow only one variety a year.

One obvious difference is when common beans emerge from the ground the seed leaves or cotyledons come out as the first leaves. With runner beans, the cotyledons stay in the ground.

Both kinds are used as snaps, shellies or dry beans. - Dick

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They are starting to set now with cooler weather. My blue lake pole beans are on the same trellis though, and are trying to strangle them. Harvested maybe a dozen beans total this year though.

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