Bush bean row spacing?

nygardener(z6 New York)August 1, 2011

I've planted several varieties of bush beans at 2-3" spacing a few inches from either side of a 3-foot-wide bed (surrounded by grass paths) in which lettuce has been growing. The bean plants are now about 4" tall, and I've been pulling out the lettuce as it bolts.

Now that the lettuce has finished, I was planning to sow another row of beans down the middle, so that I'd have three rows about 15" apart. Or I could just leave the middle empty, leaving two rows about 30" apart, with fertile soil between. Which do you suggest -- should I plant the middle row, or leave it out?

Also, should I thin the existing rows to 4-5", or leave them at 2-3" between plants?

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In a bed where you pull the weeds and grass they probably will do well with a row in the middle. I plant everthing in my garden 30 in wide so I can run the tiller down the middle till the plants get really big.
I thnk 2-3inches is too close. I drop bean seed about 3-4 in spacing and if all germinate, thin to 6-8 in.

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In my bush bean patch, I noticed I have a few really heavy producers, and they are the ones growing next to a "bare spot" where I had to pull a diseased seedling, or at the end of the row. It makes me think I should give them all more space next time. Exposure to sunlight from top to bottom may be the key, I don't know. Mine were planted about 5 inches apart.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

Thanks! The lettuces haven't all given up yet, so I think I'll stick with the 30 inch spacing for this year. Most things do well with a little extra room anyway, and this way I can reach in to pick from either side without crowding.

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