Grow Light with Dwarf Lime Tree

Nolan412November 21, 2012

I have a Northern facing apartment which gets relatively no direct sunlight through any windows or even on the patio. I know it is possible to grow herbs and smaller plants under a grow light successfully, will the same technique work with a dwarf lime tree? I have a 4' T5 fluorescent grow light now, should I upgrade to Metal Halide grow light which I have heard is better for fruiting plants.

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During the growth phase of the dwarf lime tree the T5 light may work out fine. But I can imagine when fruiting the tree will need a lot of intense light and you may not get enough from the T5.

You could try using the T5 you already have and if you notice the plant stretching to reach the light then you should swap it out for a more powerful HID light like a High Pressure Sodium.



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I am very glad to here because many people share different ideas for growing their plants. If you know that Metal Halide grow light work very well and give nice result than you may follow this light.

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