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covellaAugust 7, 2005

I planted a martagon that came from Brent and Becky's Bulbs in 2003. It came up last year with 1 whorl of leaves about 8" high, and the same this year - but no hint of a flower stalk. I've heard they don't like to be moved. but maybe this fall I should move it. Any thoughts? The location its in now has gotten progressively more shady as a dogwood, azaleas and hostas have grown larger.

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I think you could try to move it to a sunnier spot. You have given it a chance to perform in it's current position, and with no luck. Time for a change.

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I don't think that you have to transplant your L. martagon. It takes several time before flowering. And even, when they have flowered it is not sure that they will do so systematically each year! Their bulbs "travel" in the soil. It is more important that they are not neighbours of azaleas and hostas because L. martagon needs lime soil (calcaire), and grows sometimes in semi-shade and sometimes in full sun.

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