Can I plant Fava Beans in with my late corn?

nanajoloAugust 26, 2009

I'm an inexperienced gardener, learning as I go, reading, researching, and relying on the expertise of others (such as yourselves!).

We are now putting in a variety of fall crops. I've learned that fava beans will overwinter here, and I'm thinking to plant the fava beans (Windsor) with the small block of late corn that is growing now (6'x2' raised bed, deep, healthy soil, condensed planting).

The beans will outlive the corn, but my thinking was that the corn stalks would support the beans throughout the winter until harvest. A modified "Three Sisters" planting, although in fall/winter rather than spring/summer. The dry corn stalks would have to come out after the beans were through.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Suggestions would be appreciated. We were given fava beans to eat last spring, and quite enjoyed them, so would like to try growing our own.

Kind regards.

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Hey, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. Because we live in such different zones I was thinking someone else would better be able to answer your question. Here are my thoughts:

1) The fava beans are likely to get too much shade in with your corn. But then, perhaps your corn is not planted so close together?

2) Fava beans do not climb. They are a free standing plant, not a vine. I have, however, see fava bean plants reach nearly 4' in height.

Having said this, I don't believe that there is any reason not to grow favas in with corn. Just be sure that they favas are not shaded out when they are young.

Tahlequah, OK


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Thanks, macmex. The corn is planted densely in a square foot garden bed, so would be shading the favas. Guess I'll find another place to put them. I appreciate your input!

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macmex - Do you grow Fava beans? If so, when do you plant them? Carol

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Hi soonergrandmom,

I usually plant my favas in late March. I start getting a decent harvest by mid June here in western NY.

Hope that helps!

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