What bulb for spinach with HPS S51 Ballast?

fred9x(z5ct)November 1, 2009

I'm growing spinach ok under 6 shop lights w/ cool white/generic T 8's.

I want to grow more.I have a HPS ballst, Sunlight Supply - SS-1 HPS 400 with Sylvania Grolux bulb that's 3 or so years old. I bought this when I thought I could grow tomatoes in the basement too. Didn't work and the tom's brought aphids that killed the spinach so now I'm doing only spinach.

The spinach has not done well under the HPS light and I'm now reading that I need the blues that come from MH bulbs. I found the following bulb that seems to fit my ballast.

Is this a good choice for my application? ($90.)


The Ushio 400 Watt MH Conversion HiLux Opti-Blue Lamp is a Metal Halide bulb that runs in a High Pressure Sodium ballast. Ushio introduced "Hi-LUX GRO", a new line of grow lamps to promote enhanced vegetative growth and flowering. The lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance. Made in Germany.


* Conversion bulb to operate on ANSI coded HPS ballast

* Super MH bulb with maximum output in both blue and red spectrum

* Optimized for maximized branching and vegetative growth, and added red

* Highest quality and consistent performance


* Burn Position: Universal

* Bulb type: T15

* Average Life: 20,000 hrs

* Ballast type: S51 400 watt HPS

* Initial lumens: 39,000

* Manufacturers part number: 5001674 AMH-400/Opti-Blue

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I'm sure someone will suggest CMH. I've never used one, but it's a bit cheaper and comes in 3000K and 4000K. Make sure to get the "protected" version if you do. I think one model is called the "Phillips Retro".

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