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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)August 30, 2012

Every year I buy some bulbs at the San Francisco Garden Show. Every year I make sure to write down what I bought and what pot it went into (had no garden for a few years). I can't FIND the list from the year I bought this thing. I'm pretty sure it's an Oriental, because most of my lilies are Oriental. I, naturally, failed to take a picture this year when it bloomed...

If you imagine a set of 3 nested 'V's, with the top of the V at the base of the petal, and the base of the V at the tip of the petal - the outer V is white, middle V is a medium-pale pink, innermost V is pale yellow/white, and another small spot of pink at the very base of the petal.

I probably bought it at the Van Veen Bulbs booth, or B & D Lilies, but I've looked at the B & D catalog and I see nothing resembling this pretty thing. Anybody have any ideas, or can direct me to a picture catalog where I can scroll through and hunt it down? I did already look at the pictures on the North American Lily site, and didn't find it.

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From your description I cannot imagine such lily, unless you turn the V around, then there are many(i.e the top = sharp part of the V letter= the point= the end of petals). Just type 'Orienpet lilies' in Google pictures, and there are pictures galore.(Bonbini fits except for the pink spot).

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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

I forgot to post and say Thank You very much - I Googled it, and that is what it is.

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