Scent vs. no scent

minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)August 30, 2012

Didn't see this in the FAQ - Why do my bulbs sometimes lose scent from one year to the next? I have several bulbs of Casa Blanca that were lovely and aromatic last year, but this year not! It's also happened with my freesias, too, and I don't understand it. Is it a planting location change? A lack of feeding change? It's not that they're in a hot spot and the sun bakes it out - there's no scent at down, or late at night, nothing...

Any suggestions on how I could get back my scent in my 'scented lilies'???

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Some diseases can cause the loss of the sense of smell..

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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

Would a disease be invisible on the plant? The Casa Blanca grew nice and tall, multiple blooms per stalk, no discoloration or warping, no oddness on the leaves, no bugs seen - the only change from last summer is they were in pots last summer, and were planted in the ground after bloom. I kept as much of the original dirt around them as possible, didn't disturb the roots much, just plopped them in the ground. But no scent this year, and plenty of scent last year.

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