Indoor Florecent Grow Lights

mike423(5 IL)November 18, 2010

I grow Bonsai trees and I figured I would try growing some of the small tropical seedling trees under some grow lights this winter since the sun light is so weak around this time of year. I have two regular 48" florescent light fixtures, I know their not that great and have to be kept 2-4" from the plants but their cost effective and get the job done (hopefully). I was wondering if 40 watt bulbs with 6280 degree Kelvin color temperature, 2100 Photopic Lumens and a color rendering index of 94.5 would be sufficient? I'm new to growing with lights indoors so any help would be great. Thanks


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It depends on what "small tropical seedling trees" your are growing. From mu understanding, they most of them require lots of light but not that much heat. But if your goal is to only get them large enough to put outside next year, you may have enough light. If you can lower the lights and still cover the plants, it will help.

Another Mike

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mike423(5 IL)

I have the light on them so they receive the best exposure possible (2-4inches above the top of plants). Like I said these trees are seedlings and I'm growing them as Bonsai trees so there not nor am I trying to grow them very large. I was just asking because I was unsure if the 40 watts with 6280 degree Kelvin color temperature was enough power because i know that color spectrum is very important.

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Get a light meter. If the plants aren't getting 2,000 foot candles at their canopy, they probably are not getting enough light.


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