Dry Beans Shriveling/Withering up on Plant?

hettar7August 6, 2007

This is my first year growing any type of bean. I planted 4 rows of dry bush beans. Jacob's Cattle, Calypso, Adzuki, and a Black Bean. I'm letting all of them dry on the vine before picking them to shell out and finnish drying inside. Jacob's Cattle did great. I'm freezing them now before I store them. I've picked some of the black beans and adzuki and they seem fine too. the problem is the Calypso beans. They're a black and white bean and all the pods i've picked off the vine are shriveled up and the beans inside seem flat. Did I leave them on the vine too long? Is that possible to do? Why would they all be shriveled up? Should I pick them when the pods are still green and full and let them dry inside. I thought you were supposed to let them get brown and hard and dry on the vine, but these are brown and leathery and just plain withered up. Anyone know what I did or didn't do?

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It is not likely that you left them on the vine too long. More likely is that the vine died before finishing the beans. That could be from insect damage, disease, heat or a Pandoras box of other causes.

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