Peace Lilies, from Brothers and Fathers memorial

ntoxinAugust 29, 2012

Lost both my Brother and Father this year a few months back, these peace lilies represent a lot to me.

I have a great green thumb, I just dont know whats up with these. My knowledge tells me that its getting to much light, and not enough nutrients, please advise. I prune off the dead and mostly yellow leaves.

They are in a well draining soil, They no longer flower :(

I have been giving them a medium feeding of Age Old Liquid Nutes, about to whip out the PPM meter and see if they need like a 1600ppm watering or what.

please advise :)

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Pic 2

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Pic 4

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Peace lilies, Spathiphyllum, are not members of the Lily family but rather aroids, similar to callas. There is a forum devoted to these types of plants but I've attached a link to growing and caring for spaths that is very detailed and should be able to provide the information you need.

FWIW, these are very low care houseplants so likely just a repotting or watering issue that needs to be addressed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Care for Spathiphyllums

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I'm sorry for your losses.

This plant can do just fine with no fertilizer at all - if you must fertilize, a well balanced 20-20-20 diluted to 1/4 the recommended dosage is fine to use periodically.

Ordinary room light is fine - 5 to 8' away from a window. Too much light or too much fertilizer or too much watering and you'll get yellow leaves. I have one and water it only when the leaves start to droop slightly. In the ten years I've had it, it's never been fertilized. Mine needs splitting and repotting - yours does not.

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I'm very sorry you lost dear loved ones. So close together makes it even more difficult. Deepest condolences.

Are they still in the pots and soil which they were in when you got them? I think nurseries, florists or whoever use the cheapest stuff they can. How about getting a quality potting soil and repotting them? You even get new pots if you want to. They are not difficult plants, and I've never seen them look like yours. I'm no expert, but that's my 2 cents. Good luck with the plants.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I'm sorry for your losses. I know how certain objects can become near and dear as a rememberance. I still have a message on my answering machine from a deceased friend from more than a year ago. She still brings a smile to my face.

It's hard to say what is definitely wrong with your Peace lily, but I believe repotting in new soil will do the trick. Nothing you show suggests root rot. It looks like a toxicity or deficiency of of something. This might include a build up of excess salts in the soil, from minerals left behind from the water, to fertilizer salts or sodium chloride from your water softner(?) You could also try repeated flushings of the soil, but I think repotting is a better answer. You already know it is normal for any plant to grow new leaves while old ones die, but they should be going uniformly yellow, then brown - not as your pics show.


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