When to harvest Whipporwill peas?

wayside_flowerAugust 11, 2009

I'm new to growing peas, and specifically Whipporwill Peas! I picked up some seed at my Decatur, GA Farmer's Market last year, planted it this summer and it's producing beautifully. The important question I forgot to ask was: when do I harvest it? Do I harvest it as a green pod and eat the peas fresh, or let them dry in the hull? (The hull, when dried, changes from white to a light purplish mottling.) Any cooking tips would be appreciated, too.

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It depends somewhat on which Whipporwill you have. If it is the old brown speckled small whipporwill, they are best shelled as green mature peas. White Whipporwill can be used for both green mature peas and as dried peas.


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Thanks DarJones! I have the old, tan with speckles pea. Are the dried beans just significantly less tasty? I'm wondering if I can store some that way to eat on over the next several months, or if I'd be better off picking the green ones and just freezing the excess?

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pick and freeze. That gives the best flavor for peas to eat.


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