Ok heres what im going with........

farmingvillefarmer(East Coast zone 7)November 4, 2008

Im going to buy the Home Depot shelves, they are 5 shelves, 4 feet wide by around 2 feet deep. I can fit 4 seed starting trays per shelve. They each can start 36 plants so thats 144 plants per shelf x 4 shelves thats 576 flowers on one shelf unit. Now for the lights and I hope I have this right. I'm going to buy from home depot the T12 fixtures that fit 2 bulbs that were 8.58 each or so. I'll place one cool white and one warm white T8 bulb in them and have 2 fixtures for a total of 4 bulbs over each shelf. As for the soil im using the jiffy pots to start them, when they are big enough ill transplant them to larger 5 or 6 inch flower pots. I'm thinking of building a large cold frame outside so that i can place the plants once they are large enough in it to harden off. Please let me know if i missed anything and if you think this should work? Add things or comment please!!! thank you

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