Help me plant these Asiatic lilies

stir_fryiAugust 26, 2013

I bought three of these on clearance. I'd like to fill in some of the space between the daylillies and the knockout roses (about 3 feet).

These are Tiny Hope Asiatic Lily.

Tag says to plant 6-8" apart. In this picture, they are more like 12" apart. Will they fill in? Should I clump them together instead?

Also, I am confused about blooming. Online it says they only bloom once in the spring. Well it is August in Michigan and they are blooming in these little pots!

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Whatever the grower/supplier's conditions were, these lilies set their buds and bloomed when they were ready to bloom. And they'll bloom only once. Planted in the ground, next season they'll flower at whatever the normal time is for Michigan.

Since each of yours has two stalks, there might well be two bulbs - a main one and a pretty good sized offset. If you like the separate look and want to plant your three pots 12" or more apart, do so - over the years they will each grow into a clump on their own. They're easy to separate once a clump has gotten too big.

At this stage, planting them 6" apart will create the look of an already formed clump. But once the flowers are finished, the stems will start to yellow, then turn brown and woody so you'll be cutting them down anyway.

Go for the look that appeals to you most now.

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