Planting Lily Seeds

czmlsAugust 16, 2007

Hey all...I'm a newbie...I just collected some seeds from my lily plants...when can I plant the seeds and under what long does it take to germinate...and how long will it take for the plant to mature and flower? Thanks!!!

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philomena(z 5A NY)

I've never done that myself, but I have been considering it - I did a Google search on "how to grow lilies from seed" and got back a lot of hits with what looked like good info ! I would give that a try.

Also, I searched the forum and found this thread also:

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What kind of lilies? Were the seeds in the leaf axils along the stalks or in a pod that grew after the spent blooms dropped off? I'm only familiar with Lilium Tigrinum where the bulbils form in the leaf axils. Mostly I let those drop and sprout on their own. The few times I've collected some to start new plants, I planted them in a square market pack tray and buried the tray on the edge of my patio - just so I knew where they were and they all ended up in one place and could be handled easily.

If you plant them now, you'll see a one leaf sprout in the spring. They should reach blooming size by the third growing season.

If what you have is something other than the Tiger Lily, hopefully someone will chime in with information about propagating those from seed. Probably not too different.

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First, just as someone posted in the Foxtail Fern thread, using the correct name for something helps reduce confusion for the rest of us - the small bulbs which form on some lily stems are bulbils, not seeds. They'll grow into something identical to the parent, whereas a seed will always produce something unique.

Most lily seeds are easy to germinate and grow into a flowering plant. I grow lots from seed, and the chief requirements are patience and a little common sense.

cmls, you don't say whether the seeds come from something which is epigeal (like an Asiatic) or something which is hypogeal (like an Oriental).

Epigeal seed germinates within a few weeks of sowing - so you'll need to sow it when you can be sure that it won't be frosted or otherwise checked. If you're not growing it inside this usually means springtime - to give it the longest possible time growing before winter.

Hypogeal seed needs a warm then a cold period before it shows a leaf, so sowing it as soon as it ripens makes sense, since you'll then see leaves in the spring.

I hope this helps, but in any case the NALS link below should get you going.

Here is a link that might be useful: NALS: Growing from Seed

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