Plague of grasshoppers

booberry85(5)August 24, 2006

I'm growing pole beans for the first time this year. I'm growing Kentucky Wonders and Asparagus yardlongs beans. The Kentucky Wonders did quite well but were attacked viciously by Japanese beetles. They now are under attack by grasshoppers. The Japanese beetles and grasshoppers only seem to be majorly going after the Kentucky Wonders (I'm also growing three different kinds of bushbeans). Any reasons why? What do I do about grasshoppers?

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I can easily understand them leaving the yard longs alone, in favor of the normal/regular pole beans. Yard longs are technically cowpeas and are very different. I assume they don't taste as good to them. But why these pests single out your Kentucky Wonders over the bush beans (all the same species), I'm not sure. I have one lone pole of climbing beans standing out in one area of my largest garden, and it has been defoliated by grasshoppers. But two other poles, of another variety, but same species, in another part of the garden, and growing in the corn, have been untouched. It's strange! One other idea: I suspect that once a plant is really strongly attacked it may send out some odor (like a distress signal), which actually attracts the pests.

Let me know what you learn about dealing with grasshoppers. I tried a powder (organically derived) but it didn't help at all. Next year I'm planning on housing a half dozen Indian Runner Ducks, a small fast breed, in the garden, with their own pen. That way I can keep them closed in when there are small and fragile things starting. But when the grasshopper plagues begin I can let'em out. Ducks LOVE to eat grasshoppers!

Tahlequah, OK

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Wonder what the DH would say to some ducks?! The Kentucky Wonders still produced well despite the attacks. My garden is fenced in. It's the only part of our yard that is fenced in. I like to take my two little dogs with me and let them loose in the garden. They like the freedom. Because of this I only sprayed the beans (bush and pole) once with a soap shield and once again with Pyola (chrysathemum based pesticide). I did buy Sevin dust but didn't use it, because I didn't want the dogs being exposed to it.

This is the first year I've seen this many grasshoppers & Japanese beetles in the garden.

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