blue lake/ kentucky wonder/ kentucky blue

veggiecanner(Id 5/6)August 14, 2006

I order most of my seed bulk from comercial web sites that also allow some smaller pks for home gardeners. They seem to have the same 3 types of pole beans.

If I understand right the kentucky blue is a cross of the other 2. I am trying to find out which the kentucky blue pole bean comes closer to, the blue lake or the kentucky wonder pole bean.

I have grown the blue lake for 3 years now and am ready to try some thing else.

we grew the kentucky wonder bush bean and found it not as flavorfull as the blue lake. I am hoping when they crossed them the flavor of the blue lake is still there , hopefully with a higher production amount.

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feldon30(N Houston (8))

Branch out!

Yellow wax beans (there are some pole varieties if you look hard enough)
Purple wax beans
French filet beans
Dragon tongue beans
Yardlong beans
Half-runner beans
Sugar Snap peas
Snow peas
English peas

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tdscpa(z5 NWKS)

We have grown Blue Lake bush beans for three years now. Love them. Since I took over major gardening responsibility two years ago, on recommendations I read here, I decided to plant some pole beans. I could not find Blue Lake pole beans, so I planted Kentucky Blue. Not as good, did not produce any longer into summer than Blue Lake bush beans did.

If I can't find Blue Lake pole beans next year, will only grow Blue Lake bush.

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If you have only tried the bush type, you should really try the Kentucky wonder pole bean it is much better than any of the bush types and (in my opinion the best pole variety)

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I just want to grows beans not for the long pods but for the beans. I like beans not pods, is this a good candidate?

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jimster(z7a MA)


You're talking about dried beans, right?

White beans, black beans, red beans, speckled beans or what?


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I agree with arvis kentucky wonder pole beans are very good.

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