when to move casablanca

mukson(pa 5)August 2, 2006

I planted some casablanca who came up OK but started to suffer because of bad light. Some are wilting before bloom.

Should I move them now, wait till bloom falls or wait till the fall. Normally i would wait till fall until i move anything but these look so sick i thought they might nebefit from mroe light right now.



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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Brad,

"Wilting before bloom" doesn't sound like bad light. Lilies in shade tend to get leggy and may have fewer blooms but I haven't heard of them wilting. You don't have them in a cave do you??? :)

Is it possible they have some other problem such as botrytis (a fungal disease that kills the leaves starting from the ground up) or poor drainage (leading to bulb rot). If its botrytis a fungal spray should help and if that stops the "wilting" while they still have leaves I'd wait until Fall to move them. If you find that your bulbs are rotting then they need to be dug up immediately and moved (or the soil amended) to save what is left.

If you've lost a lot of leaves already then the bulbs aren't getting much benefit from photosynthesis so moving them early shouldn't cause much additional damage. If you move them be careful to preserve as much of the roots as possible. Any brown leaves should be removed and discarded securely.


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I agree with helen. It doesn't seem like bad light to me unless you have them on the north side with no sun ALL day. I think the problem may be a drainage problem caused by the soil being too heavy. Get some sand and peat moss mixed in too lighten the soil and replant ASAP. They will come back next spring if you do it now and the bulbs aren't totally rotted. Pull off any flakes that may look rotted. Better to have a smaller bulb than leave the rotted outer shell on.

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