attention strawberry officianados.

HydraBerryNovember 23, 2012

Hello my name is Patrick. This is my first time posting here so I'll be brief. I could use some expertise from anybody who has any experience or strawberry growing. I have an idea to use the PVC tower message inside of the cabinet to grow hydroponically. I just want to do this as a test to see how well it would work before I go and spend a lot of money building a bigger cabinet or 2. Basically do you think that this would work. Putting two PVC type towers inside of each cabinet with plants only planted on the insides facing the lights that r setup in the middle of the cabinet. My go for now is just to grow some delicious hydroponic strawberries for me and my family and if I had success with this possibly building bigger towers to sell at local markets. Also what grow medium do you suggest using when growing hydroponically. And also how many watts of light do you think I should need? Thanks so much for any help it I really appreciate everything and I will be here to ask many questions so I hope you guys are very patient!

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Also any recommendations on nutes?

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