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derek-growNovember 30, 2008

i have been buying my lighting for my veggy garden on ebay. tonight i won a 1000 watt hps made by hydrofarm for $162.50. last week i got 2 400 watt mh lights for a total of $180.00. everything is brand new. i got a auroponic system for $142.50 that has 8 grow sights in it, and a 4 sight bubble ponics system for $29.00. none of them are rubbermaid totes either. they are very thick plastic. i got a gallon of floragrow,floramicro,and florabloom for $49.00 to the door.

i have everything my veggy garden will need now. i have a home made ebb and flow table i will be using for lettece and herbs i believe. i just wanted to try to turn people on a tight budget onto the deals on ebay if nobody has said anything about it yet.

good luck to everybody. give ebay a look if you are on a budget or just want to try to save money.

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tournesol(Z6 Philadelphia)

My budget is 8x 40W fluorescent light for $60 at the big box.
and I use my own home made tea compost as fertilizer.

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