Weird Blue Hosta

CharlotteML64June 26, 2013

I tried posting before but it didn't take, so am trying again. In May a stalk of something started to grow, had no clue what it was. A few weeks later, the stock had hosta leaves on top of it. A few weeks later, flowers started erupting along the stock and then a few normal blue hosta leaves came up. What to do, cut it off or leave it?

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

Leave it. The plant needs to process food to grow, and it ain't too big now anyway, so, leave all the green it can muster. Judging from the leaves on the left the plant looks to be planted a little deep. You may wish to consider lifting the plant and elevating it high enough to bring the crown up to soil level.

Good luck!


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robo (z6a)

Your first post is now bumped to the second page but did get some responses. I think the consensus was that it is probably buried way too deep and needs to be lifted, and is doing weird things because of that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your first post

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Yes it looks to be a survivor. Trying very hard to live. Give it some help, raise it up to the proper level where leaves can grow unimpeded.

This is turning into quite a year for funky hosta growths. Come to think of it, were hosta at one time called "funkia" ???? I'll have to look it up.

Well, Wiki has it and here is it condensed to one line:
Hosta (/ÃÂhÃÂstÃÂ/,[1] syn. Funkia)

Funkia is a synonym for hosta. So is giboshi in Japanese.
But everybody knew that except MOI. I guess hosta are the most "funkia" of all the plants.

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