Cultivating Indoor Irises

irisdnkDecember 1, 2009

I intend to cultivate a black crysographes iris. From germentation stage to its full splendor. entirely indoors. i have decided upon a LED grow light UFO, something. and housing the flower inside a pyrex tube.

i noticed there were germentation specifications...prefering cold temps. to sprout...

seeing as how the tube can be kept at a constant temp should i mimic the natural growth patterns or is it possible for the flower to sustain healthy blooms at a constant?

Any other info about indoor cultivation of Irises would be Very helpful.

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Don't everybody answer at once LOL!

You might post on the Indoor Plants (Indoor Gardening?) Forum;
people over there would be more experienced at this kind of thing.

Best luck, & enjoy your irises!

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just as I hit "Submit", I thought that maybe you could post on the Propigating Plants forum, too.

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