Indoor plant fixtures, bulbs, etc. [newbie]

toxieDecember 7, 2004

Please help me. IÂm trying to keep my indoor plants healthy during the winter months. I have a ficus tree, a blooming houseplant, etc. I don't know much about growing plants but I've gathered so far that fluorescent tubes are the best, and that I can do this all with just a simple 4 foot shop light fixture and "cool white" bulbs (whatever that means).

Would "cool white" bulbs (20watt-40watt) be healthier or produce more growth for my indoor plants? Wouldn't the light fixtures and bulbs I list below, be better because they're more powerful? (I'm not sure what I'm saying.)

Please help me pick a good grow light via eBay. Or maybe u can share a fixture and bulb listing from there??

Here's what I'm looking at so far:

(Ebay Item #: 4339404821 - NEW GROW LIGHT- SEED STARTER fluorescent not hps mh)

(Ebay Item #: 4341600670 - 4 G. E. House and Garden Indoor Floodlights Plant Sunlight Fixtures)


Do any of these look any good for keeping on about 6-8 hours per day?

I wanted to get a "shop fixture" and maybe figure out how to find the right bulb but it seems easier if I go with an already fixed-up fixture like the ones above. If you have suggestions or newbie help, you're welcome to share. Thank you in advance.

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the first post of the 4 foot shop light with true sun light,

you can get that cheaper at walmart/home depot.

you can get a 4 foot shop light fixture, that will hold to 40 watt tubes for about 8 to 10 $ the bulbs are nothing more then natural light specturm, home depot and walmart sell them for about 8 a piec, so your saving some cash and some shipping by not going that route.

the second one, the incadesent lights.

STAY AWAY FROM THEM, their pointless

the third one,

it is a good price for the fixture and the lamp. I have looked at them for projects and that is a fari pricew for what that person is offering,

but still,.

stick with option one as posted about home depot and walmart and yourll get the same, for less.

you can go one cool white and one warm 4 foot tube, that will give you a cheap fix on the 420 nm and 680 nm light spectruma nd work for vegging and maintaining plants, and even some blossoms,

or you can go one cool white and one natural sun, and bee just fine.warms are just cheaper then naturals

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Here's what I found:

In my shopping cart I have 4 full spectrum (warm????) and 4 cool white bulbs.
Check here:

The first set of bulbs offers cool whites and warm white bulbs for about $3 and then there's the "full spectrum" light at the bottm. Should I keep what's in my cart or should I exchange the "full spectrum" bulbs for the "warm whites"? Cost is not an issue... I'm just not sure what these "full spectrum" bulbs do... if they offer more daylight then the "warm whites".... DO YOU KNOW?

Lastly, I found this ballast at (Enter: "163147" in the Search field). It's a little less pricey then the stuff on ebay and it includes a reflecter!

Do you think the light tubes above will work with this fixture? (Hope so!)

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oh my be careful! most adverts for "full spectrum" are not true! i know it is often suggested to combine warm white with cool white OR daylight with cool white, but please consider using grow light fluorescents. my experience with mixing these types are rare in comparison to two grow lights. two 48", 40 watt grow lights in a shop light or other fluoro fixture. these can be purchased at the local hardware store or online. i have pleasing results using growlights, i grow only indoors in a dormitory room.

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If you just want to stick with fluoros, go buy cheap shoplight fixtures from Lowe's or HD or your local hardware store. Try and keep it under $10 per unit.

For bulbs, anything that says "full spectrum" is bound to be a sham. Try a mix of daylight and cool white. It worked real well for me.


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