Halogen grow lights

mrsmudge(z6 norVA)December 31, 2004

I've been reading these posts for awhile and I think I've figured out from all the experts what type of lighting I need to buy without spending a fortune. But has anyone heard of halogen grow lights? I found some advertised on the web, but I would be really concerned about the amount of heat put out by halogens. Would this be a good or bad thing? Can the heat be tempered by distance from the seedlings?


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Goldcroft(Dorset, UK)

Have never seen halogens recommended for growing - quite the opposite.

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mrsmudge(z6 norVA)

The "grow light" I ran across is 500W halogen, 10,500 lumens. Purported to grow stronger seedlings.


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You might want to post the location of the webpage adertising this. Halogens are generally considered poor light sources for growing. I'd be interested in taking a look at it though.


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Ditto, assuming as I do that you mean quart halogen? The spectrum of quartz halogen lamps is terrible for plant growth. It'd be OK if you're just trying to manipulate photoperiod but that's about it. The fixtures are cheap enough, but it'd basically be a waste of electricity. And spectrum aside, that lumen rating is pretty pathetic for 500W of power consumption, to boot!

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mrsmudge(z6 norVA)

I found this on ebay. My suspicion is that someone was trying to find a new and better way to pull a fast one. I just wanted to check with the experts, though.


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Yup. As is so often the case on Ebay, it's not so much "Buyer, beware" as "Buyer, duck and cover." LOL

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Yea, I've seen halogen security lights being sold as grow lights on eBay.. cheap but useless. The spectrum's not that bad really, it's just the very bad efficiency (worst of any artificial light) and high heat output that makes them unusable.

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