Bearded iris in Tropical climate

SimonandmaeDecember 18, 2010


Im new to this forum. Can bearded iris grow in tropical country like Philippines?

Thank you.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Probably not. Bearded irises rot in tropical climates. If you wanted to try, you would probably have to grow them in pots where you can regulate the water and drainage. It might still be too humid.

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Try Louisiana Iris. There are sources in Australia.

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The closest I get to being able to grow an iris in the tropics is the 'Louisiana Iris' that was mentioned in the posting above this one. It is called 'Neomarica Coerulea Regina' is a fairly big light blue iris. I live in south Florida, and it is the tropics here.
It is a big plant, and its flowers are fairly big. The beard is not to big on it, but you can find pictures of it online, to see if you would like to grow it.
The only other iris' that grow in tropical climates are the 'Walking Iris', which you can also find online. It loves the humidity and heat, its flowers are small,but are plentiful and each spring I have hundreds of blooms on mine. They come in yellow, and white with blue and tiny 'beards' on them. The Walking Iris spread very fast, and are only about a foot or so tall....the 'Regina' Iris is over 3 feet tall,and it blooms repeated on the same stem for well over a few months.
Hope that helps you some. These cant be grown in the northern regions, they are for the tropics. So the northern people cant grow and enjoy them. But we cant grow and enjoy their big bearded Iris'.

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I have a friend who move B. iris from Tenn. to FL. & they grew. They got 40" tall, but did not bloom.

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