*sigh* silly mistake - can I remedy?

gardensprite(7)August 16, 2008

I have my first food garden this year, and I planted a few different variaties of beans - cowpeas, limas, maybe black beans, and regular green beans - *I think*, lol.

See, I labelled them, but the sharpie I used seems to have etched off of the plastic knives I used. Lesson Learned.

I also threw away the seed packets. 'Nother lesson learned.

My question - My kids love boiled green beans, and just came in and presented me with handfuls of the things, and I can't for the life of me tell which is which.

I seem to remember reading that all beans will be edible in the "snap bean" stage - is this true? Like I said - I *think* I have the varieties right, and I would love to use them.

Also - operating under the assumption that I may have forgotten something that I planted - is there any bean that would *hurt* us in the snap bean stage?

Yep - you can laugh at me, it's funny. I just hate to waste food if I can aviod it.

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None of them will kill you. Limas have tough woody hulls and I doubt that you would eat them. Cowpeas, limas, and common beans are quite different in appearance so you should have no problem telling them apart. Lima. all will have this shape pods, they just vary in size and color.

Cowpea, this is a purple hull but all have long skinny pods with many peas per pod.

Common bean (P. vulgaris) unlike the others vines tend to be fuzzy and stick to hands and clothes. Others have slick vines. All can be used as snap beans, the ones developed for shell beans just get fibrous very quickly.

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