Should I remove the tiger lilies?

Helena2013(7)August 15, 2013

Just purchased a house with a lovely garden (well, good "bones" anyway, LOL) but the owners apparantly were in love with tiger lilies because there are stands of them EVERYWHERE. The other thing they apparantly loved was the orange daylily because those are everywhere too. Along with rudbeckias.

Naturally my taste runs to the pastel toned English garden, LOL.

Anyway, I have always had lilies (Asiatics, Orienpets and a few Orientals such as 'Triumphator' which I adore!) and would like to have them in the new garden as well, but seem to recall that tiger lilies carry virus and so am wondering if I should attempt to remove the tiger lilies before introducing any of my Asiatic or other lilies into this new garden?

I know it will take me forever to get rid of the orange daylilies *sigh* but at least they aren't disease carriers...

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Yes, they do carry a virus, so you may want to remove them or keep your other lilies a good distance away. You will have a big job removing the tiger lilies as well because all those little black bulbils will be sprouting for quite some time. Good luck to you.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I love tiger lilies. They are everywhere in my garden. I keep them to fill the gap between other lilies and lily spaciosum. That way I have lilies in bloom contiunously from early June to late August...that is three months of lilies. Can't beat that. :-)

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I love the true tiger lilies. It's the one thing I have that people who see them ask to have- luckily I have an endless supply scattered around. Prolific bulbil producers. Late to bloom up here this year; just started yesterday so I'll have them through September. They're so nice against a green backdrop with the Walker's Low nepetas, etc.

I have yet to see them for sale anywhere - pretty much mail order only maybe?

Those are just about the last thing I'd consider getting rid of, but the OP said her preference ran toward the pastel - pastel these are not!

Now if I had the ditch lilies - those would be shovel and blow torch material.

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