Indoor lighting for banyan seeds?

Colyz93(Cairo)December 31, 2013

i use artificial light to grow banyan seeds and the germination was successful but i need to know if i give them light for 24 hours will it be better for them to grow fast and if they need dark or not, will much light kill them?

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With under/moderate light intensity I've noticed that 24hr works for the first few segments. Then (after the third segment leafs out) a short rest period 4hrs afterwards seems to work. (20 on 4 off)

With proper/high light intensity proper light-outs I do a 16 on and 8 off from the beginning and keep that fairly constant. Most likely will work towards a 14 on 10 off, but that depends on what the plants opinions are.

Hope this helps, only reason I mentioned two types of light configurations is because I have a under-powered setup at work (for obvious reasons) and a reasonable setup at home.

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