my lucky bamboo leaves are turning yellow and brown

janacgrose34January 22, 2014

I notice yesterday that my tips of leaves of the bamboo were brown and yellow and it is winter time in Texas so I don't if it stressed from to much sun or weather cold and hot because it can go from cold to hot to the next and we never know I have inside sitting to a window but I don't know I give it bottled water because I heard tap water can kill it is that true?? Please help??


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Yes tap water has Un healthy Chemicals in it. Also is it dry? They like it evenly moist all the time. (A little tip plant it in soil and it will grow SO much better) keep us updated.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Once water hits the ground, it picks up minerals that plants may or may not like, lime is common (which raises the PH.) Bottled drinking water is ground water and is more expensive than distilled. Very few bottled waters have no other substances besides pure H2O. Distilled, rain/melted snow, and condensate from dehumidifier or A/C are sources of 'plain' water.

I couldn't tell from what you said if your plant is in water or a pot?

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