Lucky Bamboo for Biology Project

Claire46January 20, 2014

I will be doing a biology project on seeing how adding prenatal medicine affects the growth of lucky bamboo plants. I was thinking about growing them all in 2 1/4 in plastic pots but wasn't sure which soil to use or if I should put rocks in for drainage. Would watering about twice a week be good. Also, some of the plants will only receive water as a control group, so can they survive without any kind of fertilizer? Thanks!

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I was also wondering how much water I should give them since it needs to be constant for every plant and at the same time of day for every plant. Thanks!

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You can grow them in miracle grow potting mix (works well for me) but since it's a project I would put them in the pots with rocks and set the pots in bowls of water so they are constantly moist. You can if you want just grow them in vases full of water, they will be OK. (I have some in a fish tank) keep us updated and pictures are really helpful. :)

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