newbie_2007February 1, 2009

I have a lucky bamboo that is tied with ribbon.

The stalks are pencil size and the ribbon seems to be cutting into the stalks. Should I remove the ribbon? Lots of fresh growth from each stalk and it looks very healthy. It is 8 inches above to pot. Will the ribbon choke the stalks and later kill the plant? It's in stone, how do I know when to water? I have searched the web but my ? aren't satisfied.


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Hi Rory.

On my LB, I loosened up the bindings over time so that they still held the stalks in place, but did not cut into the stems. After a year or two I was sure that the stalks would stay in place. That is when I removed them.

Your LB is planted in small stones that the water is poured into? If that is the case, you want to be sure to keep the water levels up. You just add water every few days since the stalks are really immersed in water. Ever week or two, you want to change the water completely.

Don't forget to use water that has chemicals such as chlorene and flouride removed.

Best wishes!

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