Stringless Pole Bean....

barbge(4 MN)August 27, 2013

Is there such a thing as a truly stringless pole bean? I'm growing Purple Podded, Kentucky Wonder Wax, and Kentucky Wonder, and all 3 have strings, even when medium sized....

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I have been growing Malibu pole beans the past couple of years and rarely find a string on them. Even mature ones don't seem to have a string. I like their flavor better than Kentucky Wonder, which I grew for years.

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Fortex and Emerite are good green beans without strings. Anellino Giallo is a good yellow snap shaped like a shrimp or fish hook. It remains string free up until the pods start to dry.

I like 'full' beans best of all and almost all of them have strings. Some of the few exceptions are Red Eye Greasy, Hazard Fall and Anellino Giallo. - Dick

Here is a link that might be useful: Full Beans

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I grow only Fortex now. It has no strings at any stage.

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