Warts / fungus / yellow leaf

YannigVdWFebruary 2, 2014


I've had this Dracaena sanderiana for about 8 years. I didn't really know how to treat it, I just gave it water from time to time.

Recently I noticed the "curl" in the plant began turning brown. I took out the plant and found some very bad smelling slime around the roots. I rinsed it off, cleaned the stones that were in the vase, put fresh water in the vase, and waited for a couple of weeks.

The curl (stem) was getting browner and browner and couldn't bear the weight anymore.

I cut off the branches it had and put them separately in a small vase. None of them have developed roots until now (two weeks now?).

Now things seem to be getting worse. At this moment I see three problems:

1. Small warts on the stem. See attached picture.
2. Fine threads on the stem (fungus?)
3. Some leafs are turning brown.

What are those warts? What about these threads? Can I still save this plant? How?

More pictures will follow.

Kind regards,

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Close-up of the threads.

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Oh yeah, some of these warts are growing longer.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Could be scale insects.

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Hmm im not familiar with this bug but i would probably take cuttings if possible from any healthy portion of the plant (i would submerge the cutting for a whial in water maby that would drown the little buggers)i will try to do some research on what bugs they are but your stem may be shot. I hope your plant recovers :)

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