How deep to plant-need another answer, pls

michel7(8 AL)February 9, 2008

Last time I asked this, I only got one answer telling me to put it in water, but I know from this forum it grows better in soil. Since the roots are only at the tip of the cut end, I'm afraid as it grows taller it will not be stable and the weight of the top will cause it to fall over. Can I put another (unrooted) joint of cane underground and will it root from this joint, or will it rot?? How have others moved from water to soil?

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you can plant it in soil, the roots should be about
a half inch to an inch into the soil. If the bamboo does not
have roots yet place it in a cup with a small amount of water.
wait for roots to appear before placing it in soil. Always
cut the tips of lucky bamboo at least twice a year, this
keeps them from getting leggy, and grows thicker. One thing
about Lucky Bamboo, they don't like the water level higher
than their roots, otherwise they rot. If you keep them in
water instead of soil, they need to be feed African Violet food.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indoor Greenhouse

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Hi, In august of 07 i moved my LB from water to soil. I first planted the roots deep in soil and made a bed of rocks at the bottom for drainage. Unfortunately my plant started dying and one leaf actually fell off!. So i changed the soil to a reg potting soil with timed-released food and just mixed the rocks in the soil and this worked better. i didn't plant the LB too deep in soil either, i kept it real shallow, only the roots were in soil. The plant at first was a bit flimsy, looked as if it were tipping over, but over time when the soil settled the plant seems more stable. Its doing very well now, all the stalks have grown new sprouts and new green leaves are growing. good luck

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