Lily bulbs from Jackson Perkins?

pandy(10sFL)August 18, 2006

JP is having a sale on bulbs...anyone have any experience with them?? Ive bought roses from them before but nothing else.


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Just my experience...we bought quite a few lilies last fall/this spring. The ONLY ones which did lousy were from J&P. We got great ones from Brent and Becky's Bulbs, John Scheeper, The Lily Garden, The Bulb Crate and White Flower Farm. Only 5 of the 8 of J&P's orienpet mix even came up, and the stems were very skinny and short. There was only one small bloom on each stem. Then they just eventually shattered and the stems turned brown almost immediately. In comparison, the others were on big, thick stalks and each had several HUGE blooms, really at least 2x the size of J&P's.
Maybe someone else would like to chime in. :0) Phyl

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I got great bulbs from all over. BRECKS, DUTCH GARDENS (best), etc, & JP, and Michigan Bulb Co. I bought fron JP & M.B.C because the price was something rediculously low like 100 for $15. I got small bulbs from both. Most bloomed but like Phylrae's the stems were small with few blooms. However thats because thy are young bulbs in such a low price. I left mine where they were and 3 years later they grew to normal size. If you don't mind waiting go ahead. Unless JP is stating TOP SIZE BULBS. Compare the stated size.

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Phylrae- I had the same luck you did with lilies not doing well, only mine came from Lily Garden. I was very disappointed, as all the others I have ordered from them have been super.

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I'm so surprised that you got poor quality from Lily Garden....they have such a sterling rep and the ones I've gotten from them have been fine...
Yes, the J&P ones (Orienpet collection) were ridiculous...there is only 1 left of the 8 I planted...and as I said, the few that bloomed were literally 1/3 the size of the ones from JScheeper and The Bulb Crate. Tiny blooms, short, thin stems. :0( Phyl

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