Dracaena sanderiana, stalk turned yellow :-(

JamobaileyFebruary 1, 2012

hey folks, newbie here! I was given a lucky bamboo by a close friend a while back and would hate to think its now gone too far beyond saving :-(

I have kept it in a bottle with water about 3 inches deep since March and being doing quite well, however I went on holiday for 3 weeks around Christmas / New Year and came back to find the main of the stalk had turned yellow�

I assumed it has got too cold for it and limited day light so moved it to a better location, although not great this time of year for either, and its got worse.

Now the whole of the stalk is yellow / brownish and one of the bends has got quite weak.

Enclosed are two pictures, taken 2 week apart.

Any suggestions would be greatly received as I would hate to loose this as it has sentimental value. Thanks very much




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Once the main stalk becomes yellow or brown, the stalk is probably beyond saving. However, if the shoot coming off the main stalk is still green you may be able propegate the shoot into a new plant. Below is a great video. This is a timely process but it just might work.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Propegate Lucky Bamboo

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