vigna caracalla ripening

izzybelle(11)August 29, 2006

First, a couple of things: I'm not sure that I should be posting this here but I started out with my first post here...I also, for some odd reason; cannot post seed for trade on my bio site. Finally, Jimster, your ship has come in...The vigna caracalla seeds are ripening (but in staggered stages). Now, let me explain: As of my last v. caracalla posting, the seed pods were filled out, filling out, and just forming. Now, they are brown (but not falling off), turning brown, filled out, filling out, and just forming. Soon (who knows how long?), the brown, dried pods will be ready, and in staggered stages; the others will be ready. In fact, if anyone is familiar with this, please let me know. Essentially, what I am saying is that though there are a lot of pods, they are taking a long, long, long time to ripen. --Tried to get the husband to eat a pod but he refused. He ate a flower instead and said that it tasted like fresh peas.--I guess I'll never know if it is poisonous...

Anyway, some seeds are available. You must e-mail me your address (and hope to God that it doesn't end up in the spam folder). I have some bubble envelopes left over from some other things and can just mail it to you. When I run out, I will ask that you send a self-addressed bubble envelope with stamps. Above all, remember that the pods are not all ready at the same time( this is an endeavor that could take months). Finally, here is my list of what I would trade for ( please let me know in the e-mail what you are trading with):

-the real sulphur beans

-red bunching onions

-the name of the bean in the fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk

-the name of the thorny plant that surrounded the castle of Sleeping Beauty

-the name of the apple that Snow White ate.

-edible rampion seeds

-heirloom soybean seed (agate, for instance)

-something unusual, pretty, and smells nice.

-unusual green onions (I have the Japanese bunching onions)

Again, thank you for letting me post this here as I mainly wanted to contact the people on this site that have been so helpful.

Thank you,

Lee Ann

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Drats, I forgot to add that I am willing to also take a really good recipe for pound cake (am looking for one that is really moist, dense, and has a "bite" such as a taste of baking soda? cream cheese? or is it sour cream?) I don't know but tried this pound cake once and it was the best that I ever had. If I think of anything else to trade with, I'll let you know.

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