Jacobs Cattle bean

ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)August 4, 2007

Do you grow this bean...I read that it is good as a green bean or a shellie but I always thought it was a shellie or dry type bean...I have some free seed that I want to grow...can you all tell me about this bean?

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Jacobs Cattle is a moderately productive bean used as green shellies or as mature dry beans. It is a bush bean that thrives in good organic soil. The beans are relatively good flavored and easy to digest. It is considered by many to be a member of the "Anasazi" group.

I personally prefer pole beans for total production.


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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

thanks fusion...I love pole beans too but these seeds were a greebie from Baker Creek so I want to use them...I like Anasazi beans...I grew them last year and loved them in the green bean stage even though everyone told me they were mostly for shellies and dry beans..

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When I grew it I found that I didn't care for it for snaps: too tough. Very pretty seed though.

Tahlequah, OK

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I've grown some Jacob's Cattle Bean this year. My first year gardening. It's a bush type bean, so it doesn't need anything to vine on. They plants don't get very big. I grew mine out in full sun with other bush dry bean varieties alongside it. I didn't try to use it as a fresh or snap bean but let the pods dry on the vine so I could use it as a dry bean. They matured faster than the three other varieties of dry bean I planted. There weren't many pods that were empty or had shriveled up beans in them. They were easy to raise, the bean bugs didn't seem to bother then (or any of my other dry beans) nearly as bad as they attacked my grandmother's snap beans. They are pretty. I saved a cup of the dried beans so we can eat them and i'm going to store the rest. I have every expectation they'll taste good. We'll see. Even though I haven't eaten then yet, I really enjoyed growing them and would recommend you give them a try too. They were easy for me.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

My plan isn't to use them at the green or snap stage...just grow them out for shellies or for dry beans....They are in the ground now and If the other beans are any indication. I am sure they will be poking their little heads up any minute...

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Hi Ruthieg,
Tho i haven't grown them the last couple years, i love them for cooking. Mine were quite prolific bearers, tho small plants. The deer also loved them a few years ;-)
I have too many beanies to plant out each year, but you have reminded me that we are out of these in the pantry. The cooked texture and way they soak up flavors is great - and they do taste wonderful on their own. Snaps would be too tough from them anyway, with all the other lovely green bean choices out there!
This is THE first thing i have planned now for 2008 garden - thanks for the reminder!

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